Welcome to my portfolio website!

Here you will find a sampling of creative
projects that I have designed for various clients.

I currently have a BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration
and 8 years of professional design experience.

I am very interested in working with strong forward-thinking
companies who can challenge and inspire my skills in design.

Please check out my resume below for my excellent qualifications.
Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you.

Client: Heart & Soul Photography
Project: Design a double-sided small brochure.

Client: Mastermind Inc.
Project: Design a book jacket.

Client: Kelly and Brandon Correia
Project: Design a Save the Date wedding postcard with an illustrated map of the location.

Client: Various
Project: Create logo options for each business.

Client: Fedora Coffee
Project: Design a take-out menu for an Italian style coffee shop.

Client: Self Promotion
Project: Create all design elements for a packaged wine tasting party.

Client: Russell-Massey & Co.
Project: Design a tri-fold brochure for Long Term Care Insurance.

Client: Pottery Barn Inc.
Project: Design logo options for the new PB Comfort Series.

Client: Pottery Barn Inc.
Project: Illustrate options for four cd box series
of one-hit wonders. Each cd will have one illustration
for each decade from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Client: Inpodnito Inc.
Project: Create layout samples of the ipod wraps for
select target audiences: apparel, music, education etc.

Client: Various
Project: Design logos for company identities and personal use.

Client: The Magna-tel Line Inc.
Project: Design stock graphics for magnets and
other related products for the annual catalog.

Client: Jeff Hurley
Project: Design a logo for an edgy realty company.


• 8 years of professional graphic design experience.

• A highly creative, innovative and passionate artist.

• A self-starter with a strong sense of design, layout and color.

• A hard worker who is consistently productive and motivated.

• A positive and supportive team player with great listening skills.